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Explanations are gonna be quick : Twago is a market place for freelancers or agencies on one side, and clients on the other side.

If you’re looking for a designer, a developper, a translator or an AdWords expert, there is a pretty good chance you can find it on Twago.

As a freelancer or an agency, whether located next door or on the other side of the world, you can bid on a project and create a profile describing your skills, your portfolio and past projects, etc.

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To sum up, Twago offers everything you can expect from that kind of platform, with a freemium model that let you test the efficiency of the service.

Why talking about it?: there is a lot of competition on this market, but Twago is the first platform to really reach for a european scale, and considers the whole Europe as its native market.
This is not that common, so this is a fact United Startups of Europe could obviously not miss!

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You can use Twago as a neutral third-party for your payments. It’s a simple way to get sure the project comes to an end at some point for clients, and a good assurance to be paid in time for providers.

The site confuses “pure” freelancers and small agencies from eastern Europe or India (for example), even if both can be useful, depending on your project.

The Culture Currency

Micro-pay for web contents with Flattr

The problem: as an artist (real or wanna be), you do not want to make you audience pay anything, but a bit of support (meaning, money) wouldn’t hurt and help you develop new projects. On the other side you’d like to help bloggers, musicians, video makers – in one word, web contents creators – but don’t exactly know how.

The solution: the monthly contribution you set up on Flattr is given to all the creators you like. All your clicks on an embedded button defining what part of your gift each of the authors gets (call it a Spotify model without the fat major record companies).

Why we talk about it: already featured as #14 best idea of 2011 by Wired (UK), and praised by many others, they probably don’t need more attention. But the fact their model is beautiful and slowly expanding, and that they’re Europeans where enough for us.

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The idea of setting up a contribution and sharing it between all your clicks is just brilliant.
In that kind of business (supporting “cultures”), being painless is key!

For a few bucks a month, will content creators make the effort to install it? At least, they should try it, for sure!