Find the Idea Standing right next to You

Gamify your company creativity with IdeeDock

Collecting ideas in a company, big or small, can quickly become a big mess. Here is a possible solution.

The problem : you want to get ideas and opinions from your team on a specific subject, but you can’t easily ask them directly. Or you want their contributions to remain anonymous, to get the real truth and not corporate bullshit.

The solution : IdeeDock sets up a platform with “challenges” (meaning questions). You invite people to participate, and you have your collection of brilliant ideas.

The bonus : in order to maximize returns and participation, you can give prizes for the best suggestions. Leaderboards, points and badges also create fierce competition between employees.

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Easy to set up, easy to invite employees to participate, no need for a big IT/marketing/HR project meeting… that’s a good spirit.
We’d love to see results, but having a specific platform dedicated to this usage sounds great.

Princing (starting at 150€/mo.) looks a bit expensive for a not-so-complicated service. But if customers are happy…
Also, the design is really unique (in a good way), but there are still a few ergonomy issues.