Collect them All

Take care of your Mobbles in a fun new smartphone game

Where it starts : with your phone in hand, you scan your area to catch one of the more than 50 different Mobbles (tiny cute creatures) hanging out in the hood. Once trapped in your phone, you take care of them and make them progress. Like a mix between Pokemons and Tamagotchis (kids will know).

Where it goes : you have to feed your creatures and play regularly with them, or they’ll die in a few days. But when you do, they’ll level up and access to new accessories, toys, and other stuffs.

Why we like it : the design itself is a good reason to download the game: colorful, neat and funny. The game mechanics is simple but addictive, and you or your kids – if you have some – certainly won’t stop taking care of your Mobbles.
Finally, the localisation factor (you have to walk to find new Mobbles) makes it a true phone game, not a GameBoy-like game on a smartphone. That’s very interesting.

Download Mobbles

The number of different Mobbles you can catch is just huge!
No way yet to know if the creature you just got is rare or not, but I’m told it’s gonna be soon.

Some tasks are a bit repetitive… Wash, feed, entertain, sleep, wash…
No different than pets or kids, but at least those fight each other…
(I heard fighting against each others Mobbles is on the way…)

Time to Play

Sport management games come to smartphones and Facebook

What is it : it’s a game, with simple principles : rule your football team, and make it win its league. Choose the players, train them, trade them, build your stadium, manage your sponsors… Everything a football club manager has to do!

What’s new? : it’s social and mobile. It means you can compete with your friends in the same league, brag about your last win, and do all of that while riding the subway.

Why talking about it : to show that startups can beat gaming mahamots like EA or Ubisoft to their own games. Wildly acclaimed as one of the best game of its kind, it’s like Top Eleven just won the Champions League twice in a row!

Visit Top Eleven

Playing a championship season with your friends is just a lot more fun than playing against an AI or a bot.
Only a few will accede to the upper league, one more way to spice the challenge.

The game is hard, as it includes all the parameters a real manager has to play with!
If you’re not a football fan, you may find it complicated and sometimes boring, but football fans are pretty common in Europe!