Europe is a great, ambitious and beautiful idea. So are many startups!

Everyone can see that everywhere in Europe, entrepreneurs are building fantastic services and products. Inspired by what is happening across the ocean or by specific needs and opportunities they detect around them, they assemble great teams, they work days and nights and (hope to) achieve great success.

Despite geographic and cultural proximity, we (as Europeans) often know better the startups from the valley than the one just across the border. This is what leaded us to the creation of United Startups of Europe.

What is United Startups of Europe? Basically, it is a newsletter with a grandiloquent name. In the newsletter, we try to present one startup, its product, service or innovation, to make it visible outside its own country.

Our criteria? Not the strictest. It just has to be originated from Europe (in a broad sense, we do not do that kind of politics), show some innovation, and be accessible in a way or another to customers (all but) everywhere in Europe. See? That probably includes a lot of companies out there.

Why would you limit yourself to Europe? (you could ask). Well, we are not limiting ourselves. We just want to focus on it and improve ties and exchanges between Europeans. If this very modest newsletter can help with that, it will be considered a huge success (yes, we have over expectations!).

But, what for ? We have no specific goal but this: help to develop ideas, trades or anything else between European entrepreneurs. In a such diverse continent, separated by different languages but common cultures, problems and ambitions, sharing news of each other looks like a good way to help expanding a whole European startup scene.

You’re European but only speaking English? We start with English, as the most common language we could find, but as soon as we can, we’ll try to have versions in other europeans languages (that’s a promise!).


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