Summer replay #2

Before going back to a full-throttle publishing pace, let’s continue with looking back at some of the best startups we featured in the past few months. It was the beginning of U.S.E., so maybe you missed some of those…

 Cafe Babel
One of the few european media, created by its own citizen. They are a few years old now, but they deserve some cheers and support. Read more.

Get a feed of all your cloud apps, and follow what’s happening. Read more.
Since featured in U.S.E. #2, they added a bunch of new services, launched a mobile app, and finished #2 at Le Web London!

Create a space for a public or private event, and collect pictures taken by anyone attending. Read more.
They now have a mobile app, and are implementing a solid business model.

This is the raising star of Social TV apps. Read more.
They have since launched in the US and in Australia, with the support of Sky, but no sign of presence on the continent…


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