Rent Your Code

Port a software in any web browser with the Roozz plugin

The problem: you developed a great game or a powerful application that you’d like to see running on the web. But you’re lacking the right language skills or the ressources to make it web compliant, in any environment.

The solution: the Roozz platform makes any app running in a web browser. How does it work? Developers send their app, and Roozz makes it available to any user who installed their plug-in.

The bonus: Roozz also manages revenues, subscriptions and free trials. It’s a full new platform (and sales channel) for developers.

Their unfair advantage: once the audience has reached a threshold, it could become a cross-platform app store, appealing for developers and customers alike. That’s what big names are just trying to do right now!

Visit Roozz

It works for 3D games, or any high resources consuming apps, which opens a bigger market.
Maybe one day we won’t have to worry anymore about our computer speed before playing a recent game!

The website and the interface are lacking a piece of fun and color! The graphic codes coming from the technology world are not very engaging for users.
For ideas, see Apple, they opened an app store not long ago…

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