Give your TV a companion

The experience of Social TV is finally coming to you with Zeebox

The problem: everyone is talking about Social TV, but except on Twitter, it’s hard to find a good app where you can chat with your friends and strangers about the show going live on your big screen.

The solution: an iPad app (also available in your browser) where you start with the programs guide, and where you find news, live tweets, chats and your connected friends. That’s all you need for your TV night.

The bonus: Zeetags. Zeebox picks up what’s going on the show and give you links and information on it live, while you watch the 312th episode of CSI.

Why we talk about it: it already got praises from everywhere, but it’s the more advanced and mature Social TV app we’ve seen (and believe us, we’ve seen a lot of them), beating US’s GetGlue or Miso to their own game (in our view at least).

Visit Zeebox

You can check the trends on “popularity” of any program, and be sure you won’t miss the one everyone will talk about tomorrow morning. And as you can use Zeebox as a remote, you’ll never have to drop your iPad (except for “biological” breaks).

It’s only available in the UK… for now: a launch in the US and (some) European countries is planned in the coming months.
It should remove the frustration of all of us on the continent.

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