Publish in one snap

Create a page and just share it.
That’s it with Checkthis.

The problem: you have a question or a post, but you don’t have a blog (or you lost your password), you don’t want to put it on Facebook, and a tweet is too short. How can you easily set up a page to share it with the world?

The solution: they call it “between nothing and a blog”, and poetry aside, that’s not far from reality. On Checkthis, you can publish your content in 2 clicks and get a unique link to spread the word, like this one.
It’s all about publishing content with Efficiency and Rapidity. So easy to use, self-evident and with such a great UI (User Interface) that you wonder why this did not exist before.

The bonus: basic templates let you choose if you want to publish a text, a product, a question or an invite. Basic needs. Basic solution.

How far can it go: pretty far if Checkthis becomes an habit for publishing perishable content. But how often do individual publishers (who already have blogs, highly followed twitter accounts, a tumblr and so on) will need this kind of page?

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You can set up a “due date” to your post. After one week or one month, it will entirely disappear from the web (theorically, at least).
It’s definitely like posting a poster in the street or handing out fliers for your party: who keeps that?.

With only four basic types of content available, you could feel frustrated if you want to publish a few pictures of your party, or anything else not fitting in one of them.
Fans of personnalised backgrounds or account parameters configuration might feel disappointed.

Give your TV a companion

The experience of Social TV is finally coming to you with Zeebox

The problem: everyone is talking about Social TV, but except on Twitter, it’s hard to find a good app where you can chat with your friends and strangers about the show going live on your big screen.

The solution: an iPad app (also available in your browser) where you start with the programs guide, and where you find news, live tweets, chats and your connected friends. That’s all you need for your TV night.

The bonus: Zeetags. Zeebox picks up what’s going on the show and give you links and information on it live, while you watch the 312th episode of CSI.

Why we talk about it: it already got praises from everywhere, but it’s the more advanced and mature Social TV app we’ve seen (and believe us, we’ve seen a lot of them), beating US’s GetGlue or Miso to their own game (in our view at least).

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You can check the trends on “popularity” of any program, and be sure you won’t miss the one everyone will talk about tomorrow morning. And as you can use Zeebox as a remote, you’ll never have to drop your iPad (except for “biological” breaks).

It’s only available in the UK… for now: a launch in the US and (some) European countries is planned in the coming months.
It should remove the frustration of all of us on the continent.

Find the Idea Standing right next to You

Gamify your company creativity with IdeeDock

Collecting ideas in a company, big or small, can quickly become a big mess. Here is a possible solution.

The problem : you want to get ideas and opinions from your team on a specific subject, but you can’t easily ask them directly. Or you want their contributions to remain anonymous, to get the real truth and not corporate bullshit.

The solution : IdeeDock sets up a platform with “challenges” (meaning questions). You invite people to participate, and you have your collection of brilliant ideas.

The bonus : in order to maximize returns and participation, you can give prizes for the best suggestions. Leaderboards, points and badges also create fierce competition between employees.

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Easy to set up, easy to invite employees to participate, no need for a big IT/marketing/HR project meeting… that’s a good spirit.
We’d love to see results, but having a specific platform dedicated to this usage sounds great.

Princing (starting at 150€/mo.) looks a bit expensive for a not-so-complicated service. But if customers are happy…
Also, the design is really unique (in a good way), but there are still a few ergonomy issues.

Brits know how to play football

Find new ways to play your sport

Organizing a casual game or managing a team are tasks the web can definitely help with. We found two competitors for it. Place your bet!

Bluefields : the captain toolbox

A private social network, a messaging and calendar tool, a club house : Bluefields is an all-in-one for team captains! Create your team, invite your players, and get everything done in a slick and bright interface that will make your local amateur team look like pros!

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Jogabo : meet and play!

When it’s hard to find enough player for a week-end game in the nearby park, Jogabo is your friend. Find a game or create your own, define the rules (number of players, level of the game), and wait for the local players community to join you on the field!

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Missing a player, or missing playing? These are just the tools you need. How did you do before? 15 phone calls? No way…
Plus you can debrief the match after you played it, that’s good for the return match the next week…

Not every players are into organization and statistics… Where is the game? Where is the fun?
More pictures and video sharing features, as well as games, votes, etc. wouldn’t hurt.