Sound Connections

Local music bands come to your living room

Ever wanted to see a band play on your balcony? That is what these guys had in mind when they created this online TV.

Looking for local, even underground bands? You’ll find them there, playing in the streets, in bars or on a balcony of course. Discovered and featured by local correspondants, you can certainly find the music you like, maybe future stars, with a low-profile on-the-street video clip that is just refreshing and cheerful.

With a network adding new cities every month, this is the best way for musicoholics to stay in touch with local music scenes as they were there, without bearing the transportation. How cool is that?

Visit Balcony TV

The Balcony “franchise” expands to cities all over the world.
After Dublin, it started with Hamburg, Germany. It is now in Paris, London, Prague, Stockholm or Lisbon, but also in the US, Australia, Mexico, South Africa… No one can avoid it!

OK, there is no revenue (for now), but this also means no HD video.
You have to stick with an embedded YouTube player in low-res… That’s not what you could expect from a content-focused media…


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