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The media europeans build themselves

For a first delivery of our newsletter, we could not get passed it. Not really a startup, and not exactly new either, but a common european vocation imposed it.

Did you know there is a truly europeanmagazine ? It is called Cafe Babel (no relation to any church, we’ve been told). It’s a magazine, it’s a community, it’s available in five different languages, how more european could it be ?

Organized as a network in several cities, with writers, editors and readers sharing news and mixing it up, it covers cultural and social events from all over Europe.

As in any magazine, you can obviously find news, but with a european twist you can’t probably find anywhere else. You’ll dig up news in south Italy or eastern Europe you never heard of on your favorite TV channel. The bonus ? The story is written by someone who can explain the context and the details you would otherwise miss.

Visit Cafe Babel

The site is available in 6 different languages (english, german, french, spanish, italian and polish), with minor differences, thanks to dedicated translators. That’s not something you see a lot in the media landscape.

 As a community-based media, recent news are not the focus.
You’ll find more of “long tail news”, sometimes lacking a bit of editorial direction.


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